James Sdrales Restaurant Has a Solution to the Restrictions Takeout and Delivery!

James Sdrales
2 min readMar 19, 2021

Owner James Sdrales’ My Place Sports Bar and Grill in Huntington Beach, California has no choice but to comply with the state’s restrictions on restaurants. However, he has come up with a terrific solution, and that solution for this restaurant is to currently offer takeout and delivery services. Anytime during their normal hours of operation, customers may order anything on the menu for takeout or for delivery. Folks, this is fantastic news!!!

Owner James Sdrales’ My Place Sports Bar & Grill Announces Takeout and Delivery Options for Eager Customers!!

This idea came to restaurant owner James Sdrales ′ mind when he realized his customers would give anything to enjoy the fine menu items but were not permitted to dine inside the facility. Not only is this great news for the patrons, but it is putting more citizens in and around Huntington Beach to work.

If someone is new to the restaurant or is a regular but it has been so long since they were there that they forgot the menu, take heart. At James Sdrales ′ insistence, their entire menu is available on their website. Use this opportunity to get acquainted, or reacquainted, with the menu and their hours of operation. James Sdrales’ establishment will be happy to welcome you back to the facility.

James Sdrales’ pride in the fact that his family-owned and operated friendly neighborhood joint has a family-oriented atmosphere. Every member of a person’s family is welcome there once the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Until that time, everyone can continue to enjoy all they have to offer by picking it up and taking it with them or by having it delivered. Please note that face coverings and social distancing practices ARE in order at this time.

Remember also, once the pandemic is over, that James Sdrales’ always-popular My Place Sports Bar and Grill allows customers to host large groups for special events. This is perfect when you want to celebrate an event, but not at your home or office.

Remember while you are savoring this marvelous food that Mr. James Sdrales’ kindness has made that possible again. You can show your appreciation by leaving positive reviews on the Internet and through any surveys offered by the restaurant itself. Tell all your friends and coworkers about them too.

James Sdrales’ facility wants customers to know that his restaurant has active offers on Groupon.com. Additionally, when patrons order delivery service, those merchants may offer discounts. Their aim is to make it completely convenient and cost-effective to order food from them. It is James Sdrales’ way of showing appreciation to his customers.



James Sdrales

James Sdrales is Veteran restaurateur and a native of Southern California. James Sdrales was born in Los Angeles to Greek parents who immigrated to the United S