James Sdrales Discusses Common Habits of Successful Restaurateurs

James Sdrales
2 min readMar 19, 2021


James Sdrales recently discussed common habits of the most successful restaurateurs.

Owning a restaurant can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Although, not everyone is cut out to be a restaurateur. James Sdrales is a successful restaurant owner with multiple locations around the country. He recently discussed several common habits of those who succeed in the restaurant business.

“Successful restaurateurs were not necessarily born for this industry,” James Sdrales said. “They get to where they are through tirelessly working toward their vision.”

James Sdrales explained that one characteristic he has noticed among his successful colleagues is that none of them are ever satisfied. This is known as the Japanese concept of “kaizen.” Kaizen is the concept of working toward constant improvement, and James Sdrales states successful restaurateurs are always on a never-ending mission to make their restaurants better and their personal lives as well.

“An excellent restaurateur must be proactive in all aspects of life,” James Sdrales said. “It’s important to train for certain scenarios and anticipate them before they occur. In the restaurant industry, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive.”

James Sdrales explained that reactive restaurant owners find themselves putting out fire after fire and rarely getting ahead. Those who are constantly looking ahead are able to spot potential issues and train their team members to handle them. James Sdrales added that successful restaurateurs are typically confident but not egocentric. They put their team and restaurant guests first, and this results in higher team morale and a more profitable business.

“I’ve seen hundreds of restaurateurs fail because they are unable to balance work and personal life,” James Sdrales said. “They put all of their energy into the restaurants and little into self-care. This is a recipe for disaster.”

James Sdrales explained it’s common for restaurateurs to work long hours, but there’s a point when those hours are no longer productive and can lead to burnout. This can lead to poor emotional control, mistakes, exhaustion, and even illness, which may result in major setbacks. James Sdrales stated that successful restaurateurs have developed healthy habits of self-care. They spend at least a small amount of time every day on something they enjoy apart from work, such as spending time with loved ones, going to the gym, reading, or a variety of other healthy activities.

“Most people see restaurant owners as completely over-worked,” James Sdrales said. “However, you won’t find the most successful restaurateurs appearing worn out day in and day out. They have mastered the art of being as productive as possible and constantly working toward new goals while taking time for themselves as well.”

James Sdrales finished by stating that impeccable time management skills can be the difference between a successful restaurateur and one that is constantly burned out.



James Sdrales

James Sdrales is Veteran restaurateur and a native of Southern California. James Sdrales was born in Los Angeles to Greek parents who immigrated to the United S